Ilimara Oniri

LN female human monk 2, monk mentor of Kassen


While most of the people in Kassen were born and raised within 10 miles of town, Ilimara was born in Qadira in a town with a name most of the humble folk of Kassen could not even pronounce. Not surprisingly, this beautiful and exotic woman keeps to herself. She has lived on the outskirts of town for almost 8 years now, claiming that she is trying to find peace in her heart. Ilimara has had a number of acolytes over the years, each hoping to learn the secrets of Irori that Ilimara claims to practice, but so far, all have abandoned her tutelage for a simpler road. Anyone who learns from her, however, quickly uncovers that there is a darkness hiding in Ilimara, and only those with an iron will can bear to be around it.


Ilimara Oniri

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