Jimes "Short Change" Iggins

Rogue mentor of Kassen


CN male halfling rogue 3


Those who frequent the Seven Silvers tavern know to count their coins before they leave the table,
especially if they have been served by “Short Change,” the halfling waiter who has a propensity for giving less change than is due (although he insists the name is due to his short stature). Although Jimes is genuinely kind and helpful to all the locals, he just can’t help but end up with some of their possessions at the end of the night, be it a few coins or a loose dagger. Most of the townsfolk are quite aware of this and do not take too much o!ense if something goes missing. After all, they know where the missing goods went. Anyone who works with Jimes at the Seven Silvers is sure to get a host of tips and tricks from this good-natured thief, who thinks that a little petty the$ is all in good fun.

Jimes "Short Change" Iggins

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