Campaign Rules

Welcome to Tales of the Jade Tower, a collection of adventures set in the Inner Sea region of Golarion.

House Rules

The adventures rules the standard Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules with some adjustments due to the Play-by-Post style game.

The game is played using one or more forums. All posts in the adventure forum should be in character . Discussion about pretty much anything else can happen in the out of character (OCC) player’s forum.

The greatest challenge of Play-by-Post style gaming is pacing, particularly for combat. For this reason, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Players are expected to visit the forums at least once every 48 hours. If I don’t hear from you after 48 hours, I’ll make a default action for your character.
  • If you’d rather not have me making decisions for your character, either check the forums or add a set of default actions to your character sheet. Consider this a script the DM should follow such as “when in doubt, I defend” or “when in combat, I trust my axe” or something like that.
  • Include all dice rolls for skills, attacks, damage, initiative, etc in a single post. Dice rolls should be completed and linked to using Invisible Castle.
  • The DM with automatically roll all “obvious” skill and stat checks, such as Perception and Knowledge checks. This does not mean the DM will make decisions for you, it simply means we’re not going to wait for a round of forum updates just for someone to roll a Perception Check. All rolls will be done by Invisible Castle to ensure fairness. Also, all rolls will be made using the bonuses currently on your character sheet, so keep your sheet up to date!


Combat can be slow, so we do several things to speed it up. First, The DM starts combat by rolling initiative for all participants and publishing:

  • The init order list
  • The first action for any enemies so you know what they’ll do on their turn (if they survive that long)
  • (Optional) A battle grid map showing the position of all combatants

Each player should then post their first action simultaneously. Do not wait for your turn to post. Just go ahead and get it up there when you have the chance. When you post your action include:

  • A description of all your actions (move actions, free actions, etc.)
  • All relevant rolls. Include attack, damages, saves, CMB’s, etc.
  • Assume both success and failure in your actions.
  • (Optional) Provide an alternative action in case your preferred action becomes invalid. For example, you may post that you want to swing your sword at an orc, only to find out that the wizard (who posted after you but has a higher init order) vaporizes the beast with a spell.

At the end of each round of combat, the DM will summarize the entire round. This summary is the final and official version of events. This means that some of the described action in prior postings may be “retconned” as the DM resolves conflicting posted actions. When in doubt, the DM will resolve in the favor of the players.

Character Rules

Any standard Pathfinder RPG character class and related feats, skills, items or powers are acceptable for play. This includes optional racial traits or character traits (2 allowed) or any of the other classes and class archetypes from the Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Combat or Ultimate Magic source books. Material from any non-Paizo published resource, including older D&D 3.5 material by Wizards, needs reviewed first.

Players should use the Obsidian Portal character sheets or at least keep a copy current on the Obsidian Portal website.

Pathfinder character rules can be found at the Pathfinder Reference Document (PRD).

Rolls and Stats

For any dice rolls during game play, such as for skill checks or combat, it’s best, but not required, to use Invisible Castle. Here’s a quick run down of how to use it:

  1. (Optional) Register for an Invisible Castle account
  2. Visit
  3. Enter your character name and the campaign name (Everflame, JadeTower or something like that)
  4. Enter the dice roll such as 1d20 or 2d6+4
  5. (Optional) Enter a note, such as the purpose of the dice roll
  6. Click “Roll the dice” to see the result
  7. Format and link the dice roll in your post.

Example: Ezren prepared for battle (initiative: 14).

The forum linking syntax is as follows:

"text you want to link to":

Linking to Invisible Castle is not required for character stats.

Campaign Rules

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