Kassen is a small town ruled by Mayor Jonark Uptal, a fair, but mildly grim man. While most of the “townsfolk” actually live in small homes or camps in the woods and fields surrounding Kassen proper, the town is quite tightknit. As with most of the folk in Nirmathas, they stand up for one another and refuse to be pushed around.

Hamlet conventional (mayor); AL CG
Base Value 500 gp

  • Population 750
  • Type isolated (human 93%, halfling 3%, half-orc 2%, elf 1%, half-elf 1%)
Authority Figures

Jonark Uptal (NG male human aristocrat 3), elected mayor of Kassen; Colbin Vetnar (LN male human expert 3/rogue 2), woodcutter guildmaster; Gregor Wisslo (LG male human fighter 4), fighter mentor and captain of the guard; Holgast (N male human wizard 6), town sage; Rantal Prasst (NG male human cleric of Erastil 2), priest.

See also the list of people in Kassen.

Buying Goods in Kassen

Characters wishing to buy goods and provisions in Kassen have no trouble finding most standard gear, so long as its value is 500 gp or less (including most armor and masterwork weapons). Magic items, however, are a bit harder to come buy. There is a 75% chance of finding any magic item with a value of 500 gp or less, generally limiting the town to 2nd-level potions and 3rd-level scrolls. These items can be purchased from Holgast and Father Prasst. In addition, the following items can be found for sale in the town. Braggar has a suit of half-plate for sale, sized for a Medium creature (that he can adjust to fit a Small creature for an additional 20 gp). He also has a +1 longsword (2,315 gp) and a +1 light wooden shield (1,153 gp) for sale. Father Prasst has a wand of cure light wounds with 22 charges remaining that he wouldsell for 300 gp. Holgast has a number of items for sale, including a hand of the mage (900 gp), a ring of feather falling (2,200 gp), a ring of counterspells (4,000 gp), a wand of burning hands (CL 2nd, 50 charges, 1,500 gp), and a decanter of endless water (9,000 gp).



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